This page contains my contributions to the semi regular photographic topics the Blaue Ampel comes up with. The idea is to engage with a particular topic and to share our interpretations within the group.

2024/03 Handywahn

Mobile phones have changed our world significantly. I was relatively late to the party. The mobile maps were the killer feature for me. Now, it is hard to imagine a world without them. They captivate us and they distract us. They get us to places we would have struggled to find, we manage to catch trains and buses. We arrange to meet friends. I am not quite sure how we managed before. But manage we did. They are also responsible for the demise of the phone box. Gone are the queues. The long conversations wedged into a phone box are mere memories. Maybe they are just a delusion.

obsoletesmashedkein Anschluss

2024/01 Vögel

Some people consider pigeons rats of the air, vermin that hangs out in our cities. They used to be kept for food and for racing. They are streetwise and know all the sheltering places. They are very much part of the world that we have made.

arrivalin a lineroost