There was much to protest about in 2019: The right wing Brexit project ripping the UK out of the EU is still ongoing and still totally unfathomable. Our democracy is in a bad state when a badly phrased question together with targeted lies and breaking of electoral law leads to a narrow majority for a change that will last for at least the next generation.

The other big story is Climate Change. There were some big and many small protests with the Friday for Future climate school strikers. The other big movement that emerged is the extinction rebellion movement. I have huge respect for both. It is clear that action is required in the face of obvious climate chaos across the world such as floods and storms in Europe and the extreme heat wave and bush fires in Australia.

A bit closer to home the discussion about an Scottish Independence is still on-going. Scotland is diverging from the rest of the UK. Scotland voted repeatedly against the Tories and Brexit. Scotland wants to be a progessive country at the heart of Europe.

Finally, at work our dispute with the employers over pensions and better working conditions including pay gaps and precarious employment has heated up again and we went on strike for 8 days.