Capital Views I: departure

Capital Views I: depature

This is the catalogue that goes along with the Blaue Ampel photo.picnic on the 16th of July 2023 in the Mauerpark, Berlin. The photos are also available on the Capital Views I: departure page.

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Doon Yer Tea/Eat Year Bread

doon yer tea

There is some truly excellent street art in Edinburgh. Maybe it is the relatively small size of the city that makes it easy to find graffiti art without having to go far. At the beginning of 2021 I found the first Doon Yer Tea tag in Newington. I was intrigued by the message and took a photo. I soon realised that that the tagger is very prolific, particularly on Leith Walk and Easter Road. They are also very selective: mostly wheelie bins and utility boxes along with some disused phone boxes get tagged. The message is always the same: Doon Yer Tea/Eat Yer Bread with a stylised loaf and a steaming cup with a love heart on it. I also noticed that there are associated murals of a green monster wielding a loaf of bread fighting with a knight armed with a sword and shield. The murals feature the same slogans as the tags. In most of the murals the two combatants just face off. I found one mural where the knight gets impaled by a loaf of bread. There are also other murals in the same style and clearly related. Over time the style changed. The figures are getting more intricate. It is still a total mystery to me what the tags and imagery is about. It does not matter, they add some colour and intrigue to the city. So I wandered the city, always on the lookout for some tags and murals. The photos also document Edinburgh during the years of the pandemic.

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