I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer originally based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For various reasons we ended up in Berlin, Germany. I am an opportunistic photographer: I am happy to take photos of whatever I can get. Having said that, I do have my preferences. I like wildlife and landscape photography. Although, that usually translates to cityscapes and insect photography because that is what is available without too much hassle. Edinburgh is a great place to live with plenty of opportunities. I expect Berlin will prove similarly exciting.

As a kid I used a Mamiya 35mm SLR and helped my dad developing black and white prints in the darkroom. At the end of the millenium I bought myself an Olympus OM1 with a set of lenses which was a great camera. I reluctantly got into digital photography, initially using a small pocket camera. At some stage I got fed up and took the plunge. I am now using a Nikon Z6 fullframe mirrorless camera. Day to day, I usually carry a Nikon 1 v3 around.

hunting crocuses in the snow

Drop me a line if you are interested in my photos. I am always interested in new projects.


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There is very little credit I can take for the technical aspects of this website. The basic website uses the bootstrap HTML, CSS and JS framework. The nested menu is realised using bootstrap-4-multi-dropdown-navbar. The images are displayed using blueimp gallery. The map is displayed using the leaflet javascript library. External javascript libraries are collected using npm and then repackaged and installed with webpack. The site is generated from input text files using markdown and processed by python using jinja2 templates. Panorama images are generated and displayed using krpano.

All my images are licensed using the creative commons share-alike license. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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