Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It is the second largest city in Scotland after Glasgow. Most people will associated Edinburgh with the Castle and the various festivals. Edinburgh is so much more. It is a thriving, multicultural city with fantastic museums and theatres. There are many great pubs. It has its own beaches at Portobello and Wardie. It is built on seven hills with Arthur's Seat and the Salisbury Crags the most prominent. Edinburgh is a romantic place with many overgrown garden cemeteries, closes and spooky underground caverns. It is full of history.

It is also crumbling. A decade of Tory austerity has left its mark. Part of the city is turning into a theme park for tourists. Another part seeks to extract maximum profit from students. Airbnb and student accommodation are changing the social fabric of the city. And there is Brexit that Scotland and Edinburgh did not vote for.

I have lived in this wonderful city for more than two decades. This is a selection of my impressions.

These photos are from the Blaue Ampel photo.picnic in the Mauerpark, Berlin on the 16th of July 2023.

NewingtonNewingtonNewingtonwinter dayUnion of South Africa at Waverleythe tourists are backCalton HillMakars' CourtSt. Ninian's RowSt Mary's CathedralOld Royal High SchoolCandlemaker Rowframedout and aboutEdinburgh CastleEdinburgh CastleEdinburgh CastleEdinburghwalking through the haarSamon's Ribbsenjoying the viewstairswinter treescloudSt Anthony's ChapelLady with StarNewington CemeteryTomb, Greyfriarsstemming the floodSkyAlan Breck Stewart and David BalfourThe Death of Edgar Allan Poesurprisefeeding the birdspreparedcigarette breakHispaniolasalt'n'saucelate night shoppingNewhaven Harbour, Edinburghshades of greythe seashadowy teethtrolly pile-upadvertising spacedial 832 for teaNo Brexit - Fuck the Torys
View South from the Nelson Monument on Calton Hill, Edinburgh

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