We live in a traditional tenement on the top floor with excellent views in both directions. Towards the East we have a great view of Arthur's Seat and the Salisbury Crags over the roof tops of Prestonfield. Our bedroom window faces due East and is a great observation spot for sunrises and sunsets. It is interesting to see how the location of the sunrise moves throughout the year. In the summer the rising sun shines directly into our bedroom.

The panoramas are all shot hand-held leaning out of the window. They encompass a view of 180 degrees.

morning glow
pink fluffy clouds
afternoon light
spring afternoon
summer evening view
fluffy cloudsrise of the blistering sunlast sun lightsummer evening viewthe haarspring afternooncloudymorningafternoon lightsunrisered and bluesnowmorning glowclouds over Arthur's SeatArthur's Seat and the Cragsfirst snowsunriserainbowsuburban glowArthur's Seat and the Cragslast lightsunrisesunrisemorning glowanother dawncolour of the haarview of the hilllast lightevening sunsnowy suburbiatrackssnowy suburbiasnowy suburbiarainbowfluffy pink cloudsvisitedfinally, snow!red Cragsfirst snowautumn sunrisemizzlethe city wakesArthur's Seat with Rainbow Fringerainbowevening lightno mountainhalf-gonebrooding skyevening glowsunriselike brush strokesearly glowstrange lightlast lightHappy Earth Dayafternoon shadowsnight viewfluffy cloudsrainbow over Arthur's Seatgood morningcold but golden morninggood morning Edinburghupsunrisemorning rainbowsunrise IIIsunrise IIsunrise Ipink fluffy cloudsrainbow over Arthur's Seatmorning firesun risemorning goldsunriseBelt of Venuswinter morningmorning frostupsunriseintangible maphere comes the sunfrosty morningFrosted Edinburgh SunriseNewington SunriseNewington SunriseArthur's Seat Goldevening goldNewington Sunrissun riseNewington Rainbowlightning over Edinburghthe clouds are comingsnowy Newington morningNewington SunriseArthur's Seat, Evening GlowNewington SunriseNewington RainbowAnother Newington SunriseAnother Edinburgh SunriseRainbow over EdinburghP7093691.jpgP7093690.jpg