The paddle steamer Maid of the Loch is the last paddle steamer to be built in the UK. She was launched on 5th March 1953 and was taking visitors on cruises on Loch Lomond until 31st August 1981.

The paddle steamer is currently being restored. The steam engine is still working but some of the plating of the hull needs to be replaced and a new boiler needs to be installed.

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At the pier in Balloch where the Maid of the Loch is berthed is also a steam winch that is used to pull out the ship for maintenance. The steam engine and winch are working and are still in use.

steam winchsteam winchwheels in motion

Slipping of the Maid of the Loch 2019

On 10th January 2019 an attempt was made to pull out the Maid of the Loch. She was mostly out of the water up the slipway when the cradle holding the ship snapped and the Maid of the Loch slipped back into the Loch. Luckily, nobody was injured even though one person was dragged into the water. The cradle broke when they had to stop the process to attach a different rope for pulling her the last bit of the distance. It turned out that the wood below the steel construction was rotten. A new cradle was built and a second attempt to pull her out on 14th July 2021 was successful.

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