Antony Gormley is one of my most favourite artists. So I am particularly pleased to have his 6 TIMES sculpture on my doorstep. The six sculptures can be found along the Water of Leith with the exception of the first one which is mostly burried outside the Modern Art Gallery. The sculptures not only mark the rise and fall of the water level they also act a canvas for the public to express the current mood. They regularly sport items such as sun glasses, woolly hats and more recently masks and gloves.

Sculpture I - Horizon


Sculpture II - Ground

GormleyGormleyGormley Sky

Sculpture III - Sky

Waiting...SkySkyGormleyprotected GormleyGormley

Sculpture IV - Right

Gormleystemming the flood

Sculpture V - Left

stemming the tideGormley's socksGormleyin a whirlpool

Sculpture VI - Horizon

the seaGormley